Ozli web framework

Simple, open, accessible.


The Ozli web framework provides a set of styles and scripts designed to save development time, improve your site's design and increase accessibility for a wider audience of your users.

Accelerate prototyping

Simply write your website in plain, standardised HTML then add the Ozli web framework stylesheet and script. The framework will automatically style your code into a functional, responsive and accessible site.

Focus on designing what matters most

Once you've added the Ozli web framework to your site, choose from a wide selection of themes or make your own. Most of the elements will already be styled how you expect, so you can focus on designing the more unique aspects of your site such as the layout and custom components.

Please note that in order to prevent enforcing a specific layout, the framework avoids picking beyond a basic layout for most components. For more advanced layouts, such as menu systems, sidebars, etc, you can use standardised web technologies such as CSS grid or flexbox or use some of the pre-built examples provided in our documentation.

Appeal to a wider audience

No two people are the same, so why should your website become inaccessible to those with certain disbilities? The Ozli web framework is fully WAI-ARIA and WCAG AA compliant, meaning your site becomes more accessible to a wider audience, such as those with low (or no) vision or motor difficulties.